Vaporizer & Stand

The Tec 3 style vaporizer is calibrated to an agent specific anesthetic with dial readings from 0 – 5%. The stand is for Tec 3 style vaporizers and features a screened on SOP for reference and small footprint saving valuable table space. The stand includes an oxygen flowmeter (0.1 – 2.0 lpm), oxygen inlet DISS or barb connection, tubing to inlet adapter, handle, and vaporizer mounting bolts. Delrin inlet/outlet adapters (IOA-P) are provided with each vaporizer and stand combination. Vaporizer, vaporizer stand, and inlet/outlet adapters also sold separately. Vaporizers are well filled. Accepts 1/4” I.D. tubing.

Overall size:  9” wide x 7.25” deep x 9.75” high.
Weight:  17 lbs.

Model Number Description Price
ISOV-P Isoflurane vaporizer and stand (IAO-P included) $1,970.00
SEVO-P Sevoflurane vaporizer and stand (IAO-P included) $1,970.00
SPM-P Vaporizer stand only – for Tec 3 style vaporizers
(Vaporizer and IOA-P not included)
$   610.00
IOA-P Inlet/Outlet adapters for vaporizer, Delrin $     90.00


The two directional manifold will direct fresh and waste anesthetic gases to desired locations.  One side of the manifold is designated to control the fresh gas while the other side is designated to control the scavenged Waste Anesthetic Gases, WAG. The manifold will also allow multiple surgeries to be conducted with the use of one Vaporizer.  Two stopcocks required for each anesthetic device.  Accepts 1/4” I.D. tubing.

EXAMPLE:  An M-6 would be for 1 induction chamber and 2 COAX nose cones.

Model Number Description Price
M-4 For two anesthetic devices $200.00
M-6 For three anesthetic devices $250.00
M-8 (picture shown) For four anesthetic devices $300.00
M-10 For five anesthetic devices $350.00
M-12 For six anesthetic devices $400.00
SC-2 Two additional valves for existing manifolds $  65.00

Induction Chamber

Clear durable acrylic constructed induction chamber with routered top forms a perfect fit with NO leaking.  The ONLY round chamber on the market features no corners to facilitate easy, proper cleaning.  Inlet/Outlet adapters on top of chambers to ensure NO tubing contamination.  Fresh anesthetic gas from vaporizer or manifold enters a barbed fitting while the scavenged gas exits the opposite fitting to the waste gas site.   Stainless steel false floor, connectors, and 10 ft tubing provided.

Accepts 1/4” I.D. tubing.


Overall size:

I.D.:   5.5 ” round x 4 ” high

O.D.: 7 ” round x 8 ” high.


Overall size:

I.D.:   7.5 ” round x 8 ” high

O.D.: 10 ” round x 9.5 ” high.

Model Number Description Price
IC6X4 Induction Chamber  (Small – for mice)  $350.00
IC8X8 Induction Chamber (Large – for mice/rats)  $400.00
Nose Cone - COAX-4
Nose Cone - COAX-4

Nose Cone – COAX-4

The COAX-4 (made from durable Delrin) is a co-axial anesthesia breathing apparatus for maintaining the surgical plane that can be used for mouse to rat sized animals. The fresh anesthetic gas enters the side barbed fitting set with

The COAX-4 (made from durable Delrin) is a co-axial anesthesia breathing apparatus for maintaining the surgical plane that can be used for mouse to rat sized animals. The fresh anesthetic gas enters the side barbed fitting set with 1/16” tubing that limits dead space. The Waste Anesthetic Gas, WAG, is scavenged by the end barbed fitting to the WAG site. The masks

(2 included) utilize a replaceable and transparent silicone diaphragm to seal the nose.

10 ft tubing included. Accepts 1/4” I.D. tubing.

Model Number Description Price
COAX-4M COAX-4 with 2 mouse sized masks $150.00
COAX-4R COAX-4 with 2 rat sized masks $150.00
COAX-4MR COAX-4 with 2 mouse and 2 rat sized masks $180.00
VM-33-S Replacement transparent silicone diaphragms (7/cs.) $  60.00
COAX-4M2M 2 mouse sized masks $  46.00
COAX-4R2R 2 rat sized masks only $  46.00

F/AIR Canister and Vertical Holder – PASSIVE SCAVENGING

F/AIR canisters are common and sensible answers to remove Waste Anesthetic Gases, WAG, from the operating room environment. Once 50 grams of halogenated WAG are added, simply discard and replace the canister.

The vertical canister holder ensures proper canister position. A canister on its side is less effective while a vertical canister alone will block the waste gases from exiting. The vertical canister holder accepts any canister that’s 3” in diameter.

The vertical holder is for passive systems only and can be tabletop or wall mountable. For active scavenging please see the vacuum control station.
Model #FC-A connects 1/4” I.D. tubing to the canister.

Model Number Description Price
F/AIR Case of 8 Canisters $  94.00
CHU-1 Vertical canister holder, wall mountable. (FC-A not included) $100.00
CHU Vertical canister holder, wall mountable. (FC-A included) $120.00
FC-A 90 degree adapter only, for 1/4” I.D. tubing. $  25.00

Vacuum Control Station – Active Scavenging

The vacuum control station is designed to regulate a vacuum source, vacuum pump or in house vacuum, while the canister removes the Waste Anesthetic Gases, WAG. The vacuum control station comes complete with 0-5 lpm flowmeter, canister holder, 2 90-degree adapters for canister, 10 ft tubing, and both DISS and 1/4″ hose barb connectors. Tabletop or wall mountable. Accepts 1/4” I.D. tubing. Charcoal canisters not included.

Sized: 6″ wide x 9″ long x 11″ high.

Any existing system with a manifold can become Active Scavenging.

Model Number Description Price
VCS-01 Vacuum Control Station $590.00

Vacuum Pump

The ME 1 diaphragm pump offers a compact, high performance and easy-to-use solution that is perfect for a necessary vacuum source. The functional, space saving and innovative design with visible top mounted power switch ensures convenient and quick operation for day-to-day lab work. The PTFE diaphragm and valves are rugged and provide high chemical resistance.

Performance Features:

  • Convenient, quick and simple to use due to the top mounted power switch
  • Whisper quiet and very low vibration
  • Requires minimal bench top space
  • Maintenance-free drive system and proven long diaphragm life
  • Ultimate vacuum (abs.) mbar/torr 100/75
  • Sized: 9 ¾” long x 4 ¾” wide x 5 ¾” high.
Model Number Description Price
ME1 Vacuum Pump 120 v $1,300.00