Sani Mister Misting Tunnel

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Viking Medical is the leader in misting technology for your frontline protection against contamination.  The Sani-Mister is the ONLY misting tunnel on the market approved to UL standards.

  • The Sani Mister CS-2020 comes standard with emergency shut off controls located at both the load and unload ends of the unit.
  • The misting pump is actuated by a photo-electric eye switch. The pump automatically shuts off if the photo-electric eye is not activated for 10 seconds.
  • The standard wheeled material handling off load conveyor expands from 2 to 8 feet and is easily detached from the unit and transported.
  • The 3 gallon reservoir, torque limiter, inline filter, mist adjustment valve and control panel are conveniently located behind 2 stainless steel opening access doors.
  • The interior conveyor system is 1 inch stainless steel mesh. The piping is PVC with Acetal plastic threaded nozzles with stainless steel filter screens.
  • The mist produced by the CS-2020 will provide 100% coverage of any item conveyed through it within 7 seconds (approximately 1/40th the time required to perform the same task by spray bottle or wipes).
  • The CS-2020 not only decreases labor cost but also uses just 50% of the solution compared to hand application in the decontamination process.
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