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Small Animal

Small Animal Anesthesia System

Download the Small Animal Schematic Set Up Brochure (PDF)

The most versatile small animal anesthesia system on the market. From mice to guinea pigs, from 1 patient to 6, MRI and imaging capable, adapts to Viking Medical water heated and vented surgical boards, allows YOU to designate positioning of equipment, scavenging with or without vacuum, and so much more...


Model Number Shown Above: SAA2-3



Model Number SAA2-3 consists of:  Isoflurane vaporizer and stand (ISOV-2), Manifold (M-8), Induction Chamber  (IC6X4 for mice – IC8X8 for larger), 2 Co-axial breathing apparatus' (COAX-3), F/AIR canister holder (CHFC) and charcoal canister (F/AIR). All tubing and adapters come with necessary parts.


Can be set-up any desired way with different components shown below:



Isoflurane Vaporizer

SEVO and ISO Well Fill Vaporizers by Matrx. 

Vaporizer and Stand

Model Number Shown: SPM-1 (IOA not included)

Model Number Description Price
ISOV-1 Isoflurane Vaporizer Only $1185.00
SEVO-1 Sevoflurane Vaporizer Only $1350.00
ISOV-2 Isoflurane Vaporizer and Stand (IOA included) $1850.00
SEVO-2 Sevoflurane Vaporizer and Stand (IOA included) $1900.00
SPM-1 Stand Only (fits all Vaporizers) $575.00
SPM-1FC Stand Only (fits all Vaporizers - Model # CHFC Included) $625.00
ISOV-25 Vaporizer Stand Moble (Vaporizor not included) $900.00
IOA Inlet/Outlet adapters $90.00

The manifold will direct fresh and waste gases to desired locations.  One side of the manifold is designated to control the fresh gas while the other side is designated to control the scavenged gas.  The manifold will also allow multiple surgeries to be conducted with the use of one Vaporizer.  The stopcocks that control the gas may be added or removed or simply shut off.  Two stopcocks required for each anesthetic device.  7' Fresh gas (clear) / Waste gas (white) tubing included.  EXAMPLE:  An M-6 would be for 1 Induction chamber and 2 COAX's.

Accepts tubing from 1/4" - 3/8" inner dimension

Model NumberDescriptionPrice
M-4For two anesthetic devices $200.00
M-6For three anesthetic devices$250.00
M-8 (picture shown)For four anesthetic devices$300.00
M-10For five anesthetic devices$350.00
M-12For six anesthetic devices$400.00
M-14For seven anesthetic devices$430.00
SC-2Two additional valves for existing manifolds$65.00
Induction Chamber

Clear durable acrylic constructed induction chamber with routered top to ensure a perfect fit and NO leaking.  The ONLY round chamber on the market has no corners to facilitate easy proper cleaning.  Outlet/Inlet adapters on top of chambers to ensure NO contamination.  Fresh anesthetic gas from vaporizer or manifold enters a barbed fitting and is directed to the bottom of the chamber.  The scavenged gas exits the opposite fitting to the waste gas site.   Stainless steel false floor and 10' blue tubing provided.

Accepts tubing from 1/4" - 3/8" inner dimension

Inner Dimension:   5.25" W x 3.5" H. 
Overall Dimensions: 
7" W x 7" H.

Inner Dimension:  7.5" W x 8" H. 
Overall Dimensions: 
11" W x 12" H.

Model Number Description Price
IC6X4 Induction Chamber  (Small - for mice) $350.00
IC8X8 Induction Chamber  (Large - for mice/rats) $400.00





For rodents, guinea pigs, and birds.  The Co-Axial breathing apparatus (COAX) is a precisely machined plastic (Delrin) apparatus for maintaining the surgical plane.  The NEW COAX-3 is now height adjustable from mouse to even small NHP. The fresh anesthetic gas enters the side port of the COAX that is set with 1/16" tubing.  The fresh anesthetic gas is then forced to the front of the nose cone.  At this point, the fresh anesthetic gas mixes with the patient's respiration.  As the patient exhales, the positive pressure from the oxygen source and patient lifts a precision ball valve for one way scavenging.  On the opposite end a balloon acts as a diaphragm and also gives a respiratory count.  

When using more then one COAX, we've successfully anesthetized up to 6 patients simultaneously using an M-14, the single station flow-meter can ensure proper flow to each anesthetic apparatus.  The COAX can come with its own base or be mounted to a HDPE surgical board.  The surgical board comes complete with metal strips to hold heating pads in place and towers for points of tie downs.  All COAX's come with two mouse and rat masks and 10' of color specific tubing.  The overall dimensions for the surgical board is 16" x 12.5."

Accepts tubing from 1/4" - 3/8" inner dimension

Model Number Description Price
COAX-3 Plastic COAX (MRI capable) $500.00
COAX-3T Plastic COAX with Table $810.00
COAX-3TH Plastic COAX with heated table $960.00
COAX-3THV Plastic COAX with heated, vented table $990.00
VM-33 Replacement rubber diaphragms (50/cs.) $  40.00
F-Air Canister

A sensible answer designed to remove excess halogenated gases from the operating room environment.  The F/AIR can remove 50 grams of pure halogenated anesthetic gases which then can be conveniently disposed.

Model Number Description Price
F/AIR Case of 8 F/AIR canisters only $76.00
FC F/AIR Connectors for tubing $15.00

F-Air Canister Holder

Designed for changing filters with ease while using a vacuum source.  No more taping.  Comes complete with all necessary adapters and 10' white tubing.  Wall mountable. 
Canister not included

Model Number Description Price
CHFC F/AIR canister holder  (Model #FC included) $75.00

Vacuum Pump

Light, compact, portable vacuum source.  The flow-meter to the right of the vaporizer and stand controls the vacuum pump.  Keeping the flow-meter to the right (vacuum) below the flow-meter to the left (oxygen) ensures positive pressure and acts as an extra safety precaution.  A single station flow-meter can regulate the vacuum flow if you don't have the vaporizer and stand.  Pulls from 0.1 lpm to 9.0 lpm.  Overall dimensions: 7.75" L x 5" W x 7.75" H.

Accepts tubing from 3/8" - 1/4" inner dimension
Requires 110V
Weights 5 lbs.

Model Number Description Price
VP-1 Vacuum Pump $500.00