Dual E Tank Reg

VMR Mobile Unit

VMR non-rebreathing mobile unit.  0 – 1000 cc flowmeter on stand with or without vaporizer.  0 – 4 lpm flowmeter also available.  Dual E tank holder / regulator sold separately.

Model Number    Description    Price
9180 0218    VMR with Isoflurane vaporizer    $2,525.00
9180 0242    VMR without vaporizer    $1,150.00
9430 5370    Dual “E” tank holder / regulator    $   719.00

Oxygen Tank Regulators & Hosing

Dual gauge E or H tank Oxygen regulators will give both the amount of Oxygen remaining in the tank as well as the controllable flow rate leaving the tank. The Oxygen hose will connect the Oxygen tank regulator to the vaporizer stands Oxygen flowmeter using a DISS connection powering your anesthesia machine. Custom hosing available upon request.

Model Number    Description    Price
M1-870-5FG    “E” Tank Regulator    $235.00
34-M1-540-5FG    “H” Tank Regulator    $215.00
DO8MC4    Oxygen Hose – 8 ft long DISS to DISS    $  80.00

Heating Pump

T/Pump is effective for chronic pain relief and patient comfort in orthopedic conditions, skin trauma and a number of other applications to meet the needs of an ever-changing patient population. The large, translucent reservoir and large buttons make operation simple.

  • Size: 8″ wide x 11.5″ high x 8″ deep 20 cm x 29 cm x 20 cm
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs (3 kg)
  • Material: 940V0 flame retardant enclosure
  • Temperature Setting: 10 ̊C-42 ̊C (50 ̊F-107. ̊F)
  • Flow Rate: 9 gph flow rate min.
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Power: 120 VAC, 3.1 amps, 60 Hz, 20μA typical leakage current
Model Number Description Price
TP-650 Temperature Pump $485.00

Vertical Canister Holder

Model #CHU

Model #CHU

Showing bottom

Showing bottom

CHU with FC-A

CHU with FC-A



The vertical canister holder ensures proper canister position. A canister on its side will allow waste gases to travel across the top limiting its effectiveness while a canister on a table will block the waste gases from exiting. The vertical canister holder accepts any canister that’s 3″ in diameter or smaller. Model #FC-A is included and connects standard 1/4” tubing to the canister.

The vertical holder is for passive systems only and can be tabletop or wall mountable.

5 year limited warranty.

Model Number    Description    Price
CHU    Vertical canister holder, wall mountable. (FC-A included)    $120.00
CHU-1    Vertical canister holder, wall mountable. (FC-A not included)    $100.00

One Directional Manifold

The one directional manifold works like the traditional two directional manifold but allows placement versatility. The one directional manifold can be used to deliver fresh anesthetic gases or collect waste anesthetic gases (WAG). Gray standard, white recommended for WAG.

7′ clear tubing with gray plate or 7′ white tubing with white plate included.

Model Number   Description    Price
M1-2    One directional manifold for 2 anesthetic devices, gray color    $175.00
M1-3    One directional manifold for 3 anesthetic devices, gray color    $195.00
M1-4    One directional manifold for 4 anesthetic devices, gray color    $210.00
M1-P    One directional manifold plate w/ feet only, gray color    $135.00

Add W at end of model number for white plate.

Example: M1-2W would be a one directional manifold for 2 anesthetic devises with white plate.

Gray standard, same pricing for white plate.