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Viking Medical specializes in biomedical O.R. equipment including a unique and well known rodent anesthesia system.
A NEW product introduced by Viking Medical (Sani Mister) sprays a fine mist to sanitize any product conveyed through the machine.

Viking Medical also deals with used but refurbished biomedical caging. Our current inventory can be viewed at the link found to the left. Viking Medical is interested in any surplus biomedical caging you may have.

Viking Medical can arrange for payment for surplus equipment or offer a credit line to be used for anything found on this site.

Featured products

Sani Mister Misting Tunnel


Download the SaniMister Brochure (PDF)

Viking Medical is the leader in misting technology for your frontline protection against contamination.

  • The Sani Mister CS-2020 and CS-2828 comes standard with emergency shut off controls located at both the load and unload ends of the unit.
  • The misting pump is actuated by a photo-electric eye switch. The pump automatically shuts off if the photo-electric eye is not activated for 10 seconds, ensuring that no items will be over sprayed.
  • The standard wheeled material handling off load conveyor expands from 2 to 8 feet and is easily detached from the unit and transported.
  • The 3 gallon reservoir, torque limiter, inline filter, flow meter and control panel are conveniently located behind 2 stainless steel opening access doors.
  • The interior conveyor system is 1 inch stainless steel mesh. The piping is PVC with Acetal plastic threaded nozzles with stainless steel filter screens.
  • The mist produced by the CS-2020 and CS-2828 will provide 100% coverage of any item conveyed through it within 7 seconds (approximately 1/40th the time required to perform the same task by spray bottle or wipes).
  • The CS-2020 or CS-2828 not only decreases labor cost but also uses just 50% of the solution compared to hand application in the decontamination process.


Model Number Description Price
CS-2020 Sani Mister Call for pricing
CS-2828 Sani Mister Call for pricing
Isoflurane Vaporizer

SEVO and ISO Well Fill Vaporizers by Matrx. 

Vaporizer and Stand

Model Number Shown: SPM-1 (IOA not included)

Model Number Description Price
ISOV-1 Isoflurane Vaporizer Only $1185.00
SEVO-1 Sevoflurane Vaporizer Only $1350.00
ISOV-2 Isoflurane Vaporizer and Stand (IOA included) $1850.00
SEVO-2 Sevoflurane Vaporizer and Stand (IOA included) $1900.00
SPM-1 Stand Only (fits all Vaporizers) $575.00
SPM-1FC Stand Only (fits all Vaporizers - Model # CHFC Included) $625.00
ISOV-25 Vaporizer Stand Moble (Vaporizor not included) $900.00
IOA Inlet/Outlet adapters $90.00